Conversations of SuperWomen


Ting***Messenger Beeps***

X: Hola girls…Howz you all

A: Me Bindaas..

Y: I am fine..On my way to office

A: So early?

Y: Yes. I normally reach by 9 am.

Z: Hello girls.

Y: Hey A, I loved your write-up…so well written.

Z: Yes yaar, very well written. I too want to express my feelings like that you know…but somehow I can’t.

A: Thanks re. But honestly, what irks me is when people say that I am a strong woman.

Y: We are, aren’t we? God has provided us the strength.

(Pling….pop comes a quote)

“You can break down a woman temporarily but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back even stronger than ever!”

X: Ghanta strong! Nahi honi hai mujhe strong…

A: Exactly! My point too! I don’t want to be the super woman with super strength!

X: Yaar, I want to be a weak woman who needs her man!

Z: Honestly, me too.

A: Me too…Nahi ban ni mujhe strong….naah!

X: Ask my pillows yaar…They get wet the entire night and know how strong I am!

Z: Yeah, at times, I wish he just comes to hug me tight.

A: And I want to sleep one night – just sleep, knowing someone is beside me. Bass ek raat…

Y: I somehow feel his presence always…as if he is with me.

A: Chal yaar, bye girls. Time to get ready.

Y: Yeah, I need to go back to my baby. She is not well these days…

X: Why? What’s wrong?

Y: Kind of stomach infection I think.

(Mute Convo for next 7 and half minutes on stomach infection – its definition, causes, remedies, side effects, precautions…..)

Ting***Messenger Beeps***

Y: Good Morning girls. Here is a lovely quote I read today.

(Pling….pop comes a quote)

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world that it was crooked.”

A: Morning Y. Yaar, you have some of the best quotes in your collection.

Y: Actually I find them very inspiring. I keep collecting good quotes.

X: Good Morning girls. Hey, look where I went yesterday.  Concert ….

(Pling…Pling…Pling….pop comes three pics – one after the other)

Y: Wow!! You look so gorgeous…hot rather!!

X: Hai na? Cleavage-sheavage included!

A: Kameeni lag rahi hai poori! Akeli gayi thi ya saath mein…..

X: Hai na saath mein…wait….

(Pling…pop comes a pic)

X: Yeh dekh….my boyfriend.

Y: Aha….our little boy!! Your son actually looks like a superstar.

A: Like mummy, like sonny…hottie hottie

Z: You both look so ravishing yaar.

X: Hai na ? My friends ask me to move on, find a life partner for myself. But how can I find a better guy than this one?

Z: Honestly, I too have a lot of dilemma about moving on.

A: You should. Your baby needs a Papa and it is honestly, very tough to single handedly bring up a small kid.

X: Yaar, mera problem kya hai pata hai….my husband has set such a high standard that I keep comparing every guy that comes my way with my hubby.

Z: Exacttly…I know…this is my problem too. The guy that I am made to look into, hardly has time for me. And honestly, I need a man who has time for me. I don’t want to be a time pass. I want a proper life partner for myself, who will also be a good father for my kid.

X: Oye, sun meri baat, don’t trust that Barbadi dot com or whatever…take your time honey….nothing doing, only the best….we are no leftovers okay…not becharis…

A: Yeah, but all said and done, there is one thing you guys should keep in mind..don’t compare…you will not get another guy like the one you were married to. Set a standard but don’t make your departed husband the yardstick. They were ek, ek item piece …so no use comparing.

X: But yaar A, that doesn’t mean we should settle for anything, anywhere…I mean…I have told my guy…yaar main koi fenki hui cheez nahi hoon….

A: Oh..ho…come to the point baby, so tera item number fixed hai…

Z: Really? Oh…tell us about it.

Y: Congratulations…many congratulations…

X: Arrey kahey ka congratulations!! Sun meri baat…Batati hoon na…

(Mute Convo for next 5 and half minutes on how men are born bloody ****, how they may sometimes be trusted but NEVER totally, how men will be men.

Conclusion 1: Hum koi side pe chakhne wali achhar nahi hai…just for change of taste….

Conclusion 2: God is there to take care of us. Why do we need any one else?

Conclusion 3: We are mortal beings too…I mean God is fine but how long can we chat with God?

Conclusion: Yaar, main toh aur bhi confused ho gayi hoon)

Ting***Messenger Beeps***

Z: Good morning guys. Guys, today is my anniversary.

Y: Happy Anniversary my dear. It may be a tough day for you but we are here.

A: Yo! Today we will celebrate yaar. Congratulations to you both. I am sure he is celebrating too. And it’s party time folks. Chal, I will send party-sharty gaana for you to dance.

(Pling…Pop comes a song link. )

Ladki Beautiful kar gayi chul

(Pling…Pop comes a song link)

Tum hi bandhu sakha tumhi

X: Helllloooo girls..Hey Z, Congrats Honey. Aaj koi pareshani nahi. No tears, No rona dhona. He will not be happy to see you crying, right? So smile.

Y: Here is a beautiful quote that I read.

(Pling….pop comes a quote)

“Find a heart that will love you at your worst and arms that will hold you at your weakest”

Z: Where yaar? Such hearts are so rare. No one will love me like my hubby did.

Y: And that is why I want to be like this for the rest of my life. I will happily live on with his memories.

X: Oye, sun meri baat. Even I was like this okay…I had even thought of a particular dress like men that I would wear on for the rest of my life. But look at me now. Things change. Time will change a lot of things.

Z: Seriously yaar. Who would have thought that I would have gone out with someone and think of marriage yet again?

Y: But I am quite determined about what I want to do.

X: It is a long life honey and you never know what life has in store for you. You should be open my dear. Did Z or I think of a marriage earlier? But we are thinking now….because somewhere along you do need to have a companion.

A: I agree. Don’t be so rigid in your thought process Y. You have a kid too and he too may need a father figure.

X: And you too A.

A: Spare me. Marriage is done for me in this life. Never, never again.

X: But why yaar?

A: Emotion ko agar side mein bhi rakh de, fir bhi , be practical yaar….I have two kids and in a few years my elder one will be ready for a partner. I don’t even want to think of a remarriage in the farthest of dreams.

Z: But staying alone is not easy always.

X: Yes yaar. I mean at one point when you would be alone, you would be needing someone. And then may be you would also feel the need of a companion. Tu aise kaise bol sakti hai ki kisiko chahiye hi nahi?

A: Aisa maine kab kaha ? I just said I don’t want to marry anyone anymore.  (Wink emoji)

** Silence….deathly Silence**

Y: Umm…I think I should share a beautiful quote with you all

(Pling….pop comes a quote)

“ I am who I am. Like me, Love me. Take me, Leave me. Know that I am a true friend to the end and ask for nothing in return in return except two things: Don’t hurt me. Don’t use me”

A: Ha ha ha…I shall keep this with myself for future….in case I need it.

X: Yes yaar, mera bhi wohi kehna na …hurt mat karo, use mat karo.

Z: Guys, today I will be going to a resort with my family….may be I will be less confused, less sad.

Y: Yes, I think we should all try to be as happy as possible.

A: Yup, we will be happy. We are happy.

X: And we will remain happy forever…

(Thirty seconds later)

***Ting***Personal Messenger Beeps***

X: Yaar, are you there?

A: Yeah, ofcourse. Bol na.

X: Yaar free hai? Baat karoon.

A: Haan re. Main bhi baat karna chahti hoon.

X: Yaar, am not happy…yeh happiness wala natak mujhse hoga nahi.

A: Me too…Happy hoon ki nahi khud ko hi nahi pata chal raha hai. If I am happy even for a single hour, I keep thinking ki saala zaroor koi aafat aane wali hai.

X: Same yaar….Ek dafa haans kya loon, ro ro kar haal behaal ho jaata hai.

A:  Honestly, I can’t take this up and down wala feeling anymore. Now I am happy, the next moment I am sad and I cant even show the world that I am sad – I am not supposed to. Why? Because I have the tag of a superwoman.

X: Is se behatar hota ki hum Sati ho jaatey…yaar, it is tough to live without a partner…The world takes you for granted somehow…Yaar main to is se better Jauhar ho jaaun.

A: Yes re…I mean…I really sometimes feel like giving up…I want to give up at times.

X: But yeh jo ‘mummy’ wala tag hai na…how do we cut off that? Everytime I have thought of giving up, I have thought of his face.

A: Precisely….When I am ready to just let things slip off my hand, I look at the face of my daughter sleeping and bahut gussa aata hai…nahi ban ni mujhe mummy….Even if I don’t want to, I have to live on just because of her.

X; Wohi to….I have to keep smiling so that he doesn’t become worried.

A: Yes re, we have to go on…live on, survive….just for the sake of our kids…

X: Chal yaar, ab ro dho kar bhi kya fayda…

Ting***Messenger Beeps***

Y: Girls. I went to the parlour today after many days – just completed my facial, manicure, pedicure,

X: Arrey wah. Click a pic and send.

(Pling….pop comes a photo)

X: How pretty you look!

A: And always so fresh too.

Y: Thanks. I would always send photos of myself to my hubby during my parlour visits.

A: And “I love you”, says your S. How do you say that in your language ?

Y:Njan Ninne Premikunnu

A: Okay, Y, Njan Ninne Premikunnu

Y: Thank you, thank you. Njan Ninneyum Premikunnu

Z; Really Y, you look really pretty yaar

A: Girls, it is going to be yet another year. One more year….

Y: And what a life changing one….

A: Yes…But 2019 will be different. Either 2019 will make us or we will make 2019 an year to remember.

X: Yesss….Ab toh jiyenge zindagi aise ke naseeb bhi hairan ho kar dekhe ki yeh ho kya raha hai.

A: Yup, it will be a make or break year for me…for us…And I want to fulfil all my dreams.

Y: Yes, I have some concrete plans too.

Z: Yes yaar, I mean…the coming year has to bring something concrete to my professional life.

A: Mine definitely.

Y: Mine too.

X: Girls, I have already begun on some concrete plans. Help me execute the same.

Y: Ofcourse dear, any day.

X: And together, we will do something..definitely.

A: Yeah, for sure. We must live up to our name of being the warriors.

Z: If we are superwomen, we better be,

Y: With or without our wings and wands.

X: Wings and wands gayi tel lene, mujhe saala is duniya ko dikhani hai – akeli hoon…kamzor nahi.

(Mute Convo for next 10 and half minutes on how 2019 can be a different story with ideas ranging from Books to Bati Chokha…..

Conclusion 1: Yaar, I have to execute my plan and I will begin from today.

Conclusion 2: Ofcourse. And I too want to begin my year on a positive note.

Conclusion 3: Yaar, 2019 is still 20 days away. For now, I want to sleep.

Conclusion 4: I am toh still confused – Plan A loon ki Plan B….Whatever, ab ke liye so hi jaati hoon….)

(Image: Pixabay)




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